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42 Touring is a new type of tour management and travel arrangement service. We are not a traditional style travel agency, rather we are a one stop shop for tour management, production management and travel consultancy who can advise on and arrange travel on your behalf using our expert knowledge of all things touring.

We've been tour managing bands for over 10 years, crewing long before that and as a result we know a thing or two about touring. Recently we've become dissatisfied working with traditional entertainment travel agents who don't seem to have any idea what is really required by bands on tour. Even worse, the vast majority of entertainment travel agents seem disinterested by new or smaller acts. If you're not U2, it seems like you get a second class service but pay a first class price...

What to do then? Well, we started to book our own travel, directly using our own expertise and real world knowledge of what is important to musicians and crew on tour. Using the best of the internet along with direct deals with the companies providing the services we require. It works, really well, and it's saved the bands we work for a fortune!

So we got to thinking, how about we offer our expertise to other groups, either with or without our traditional tour or production management services? That way we could offer our knowledge to far more people. So here we are...

42 Touring can provide a completely bespoke service, from a simple ferry booking to a full tour with crew, hotels, vans, flights, everything... We offer as much or as little involvement as you need. Got a TM you like but need some help with hotels? No problem, we can do that! Thinking about a tour bus but not sure who is the best company? Ask us! Got any problem that you need to solve regarding touring... Contact 42 Touring. We've most likely seen it all before!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just book on-line myself?

Why not indeed? If you feel comfortable doing it, or for simple things, we've provided all the information and links you need in our completely free 'Guide to Touring' so you can go it alone if you want.

The problem with this approach for most bands however is three fold.

Where do we know?, Who uses us?

We keep talking about our real world knowledge but where have we been? Well here is a quick abridged list. Among the countries we have direct real world touring experience of are...

Some of the bands, acts and companies we've worked with recently include...

Are you a travel agent?

42 Touring is not a traditional travel agency, rather we are a travel consultancy service. When you use our service to book travel, your bookings will be made, when authorised by you, directly with the company supplying the service (or occasionally with one of our trusted travel agency partners, we'll let you know). Your tickets will be issued by the company that is offering the service rather than 42 Touring. If you have used our service and need to make changes or cancellations etc. we will assist you with this as part of the service, however your contract remains with the company/hotel/airline you are booked with.

This is a good thing for the customer, as you will be booked, direct, with the people you are traveling with rather than a small 3rd party company. The practical upshot of this is that if you have any problems it's much easier to get help. You'll be able to speak to companies direct (with our assistance on your side) rather than being told to go through the website or traditional travel agent who you booked with. We'll also be there to help if you need us so you really get the best of both worlds. The security of a large company with the personal touch of a small one.

How much does your travel management / consultancy service cost?

Every situation is different so our prices vary according to the situation so contact us today with your needs and we'll send you a no obligation quote. In addition to this there is no need to pay until you make a booking. We take into account the size of your operation and can do special rates for those just starting out... especially if we like your band! We can also provide further discounts if you bring us lots of work.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about your needs. We'll always provide a no obligation quote for work so why not ask us! You've nothing to lose and you'll get some good, free advice even if you don't end up using us. Why not drop us an e-mail or give us a call on +44 (0) 207 607 0073. We'll be happy to help with all your touring and general travel needs.

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